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With a style as minimalist as mine, accessorizing has always been my Achilles heel. Up until a few years ago, my teenage jewellery sensibilities consisted solely of silver bracelets and oxidized chains. As the years have past, I've noticed a distinct sense of accessorizing and style that has set in for me. While still staying true to my love for all things minimal, I now take a shine to pieces that are petite, sparkly and effortlessly chic. And that's how I met Ziveg.

A new face in the online jewellery segement, Ziveg believes in celebrating the unforgettable moments in life. Who wouldn't want that special anniversary marked with a sparkler on your finger or a friendship for the ages celebrated with a marvellous pendant. The Ziveg website interface is concise and showcases all their best sellers as well as jewellery crafted with precious stones in shades unimagined. Fantastically enough, they release a new collection every month for your jewellery box to stay up to date and a 30 day free return as well as for you to purchase from Ziveg with utmost confidence.

Their pieces have a distinct sense of elegence without even trying. For every occassion in your life, you can be sure they have a pattern. Solitaires are a personal favorite ever since I tried my mothers prized possession when I was a little girl while my rose gold infinity ring speaks of love being eternal without saying a word.

One of Zivegs greatest highlights is its recently launched Black Collection which features a first-of-its-kind range of jewellery in fashions favorite shade. The dark hued precious stones are a statement in itself and when paired with sleek silver or ravishing rose gold; you can make sure all eyes are going to be on you. From rings in sophisticated cuts to edgy styles, this collection, in short, is a work of art for your body.

Every jewellery box deserves to have contrasts; so classic solitaires and edgy black might be a favorite, but pearls always stand the test of time. While layering necklaces is a trendy trick that this year saw, I decided to try it out by bringing together geometrical shapes and eternally-in-style, pearls.

Photography: Leo Alemao / Style File 

All jewellery via Ziveg

You know how I love me some sparkle, especially at this wonderful time of the year. So the ongoing Great Online Shopping Festival, is the perfect time to add to your jewellery box as it is a raining discounts on Ziveg upto 55% off! Make sure you head there and add some shine on!


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Minimalist jewellery is not really my style, but these are so pretty. Love the earrings.
❤ Amena.
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Unknown said…
Dayle such stunning pieces of jewelry! I love the minimalism of the pieces yet love the bling on them!

Nilu Yuleena

BIG hair LOUD mouth
Dayle Pereira said…
Amena - thanks hun, I know you love your statement pieces.

Thank you Nilu - love that part of them too!

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