February 19, 2015

Life | Snapshots on holiday

So guys, I've been MIA lately but for good reason, mind you! After a hectic past couple of months, frantic festive season and busy start to the year which I'm all extremely thankful for, I headed off for a holiday to refresh and relax back home in Goa.
When most of your job involves being online, it can get overwhelming and distracting which is why I decided to make the most of my vacay. I took a break from social media and the website for a digital cleanse as such. If you follow me on Instagram, you would've seen my stunning escapades there, which I couldn't resist posting! I'm fortunate enough to have my brother, a photographic enthusiast, capture the absolutely mind-blowing travel tales which I'll be sharing with you today!

water, shore, sunset, sunrise, color, orange, purple, blue, landscape, sand, waves, photography, liquid
Watercolour sunrises 

mojito, cocktail, garnish, fresh, green, beverage, alcohol, summer, vacation, holiday, goa
On Monday, we do mojitos
beach, water, shore, waves, horizon, swimwear, swimsuit, red, blue, nike, photography, motion, outfit, lookbook, goa
La Mer on one of my numerous beach days

ladoos, orange, yellow, traditional, feast, sweets, dessert, goa, goan, natural, foodporn
Because holidays are made for guilty pleasures

beach, sand, water, shore, fishing, fishermen, caputure, photography, goa, sunshine, waves, beach days, vacation, relax, holiday
Lone wolves getting the catch of the day

beach, sand, water, shore, feet, nails, pink, goa, sunshine, waves, beach days, vacation, relax, holiday
I could do this all day

girls, hats, dresses, sunset, cliff, scenery, water, sunshine, outfit, lookbook, summer, goa
Sunsets & girl time

landscape, scenery, goa, coconut, trees, palms, sea, water, capture, photography, landscape
Views like nothing I've ever witnessed 

sunglasses, red lips, head scarf, scarf, goa, shopping, errands, homeland, carrie, outfit, lookbook,
Being carrie in my homeland

coconut, tender coconut, clean eats, fresh, produce, goa, food, nature, natural, decor, cutlery
If there's anything fresher than fresh, this is it.

Photography: Raynor Pereira / Style File

I spent most of my days lounging on the beach, devouring the freshest produce I've ever tasted, spotting the most beautiful scenes and playing tourist in my own home. 
I couldn't have asked for a better time out!





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