Beauty | What's on my dresser ~ Monsoon hair edition

Around a year ago, before bobs became commonplace and pixies became popular, I decided to bite the bullet and cut my hair short. Going by my angular face structure, I had always toyed with the idea of a short crop; something I hadn't attempted since my school days. So once I stepped up to the plate and took the plunge, it was liberating. My new bob felt freeing and chic, like some kind of petite Parisian girl who roamed with baguettes in her bicycle basket.

Dayle Pereira the blogger at Style File does a GIF hair flip video
But the snip was only half the battle won. Once the fabulous salon styling wore off, I learned that treating my tresses right was necessary for happy hair. A year and numerous haircuts later, I'm still sporting a bob. What has changed, however, is the way I look after it. I've started paying more attention to my scalp and hair texture so that my bob can look its best day after day. This season, I'm cheering for a few hair care favorites who have got me across the line to good hair days all monsoon long.

Dayle Pereira of Style File uses the TIGI Bed Head Control Frizz serum to fight frizz and for styling the hair

On days when my style needs an upgrade

On seemingly endless days, I want my fantastically styled hair to last through the day with me. To remedy this, I've concluded that frizz is the enemy of short hair. So on my journey to skipping frizz and getting lasting smoothness, the TIGI Bed Head Control Freak is my guiding light. This potion works as a prep step before heat styling as well as alone, as an anti-frizz serum. The glitter laden serum works well to maintain my styling for longer and makes it manageable so that my bob is all set for the day ahead.

Dayle Pereira of Style uses the Garnier Ultra Blends range of shampoos to nourish and promote healthy hair

On days when my hair needs some lovin'

When my otherwise happy bob becomes lifeless, I know it's time to nourish it. I've known and loved the Garnier Ultra Doux range through my childhood so when it arrived in a brand new avatar as Garnier Ultra Blends, you can imagine my delight. My favorites from the range are the Royal Jelly and Lavender as well as the Soy Milk and Almonds. The delectable fragrance tricks me into thinking that it is almost good enough to eat and the luscious ingredients are like a generous buffet for my hair. How I love the the feeling of coming from a bath with my hair smelling divine and feeling so much healthier!

Dayle Pereira of the blog Style File uses the Batiste Dry Shampoo to refresh her hair and cut out oiliness

On days when I need to pull through

Combine late night dancing with a hurried start to the day and you get a morning that needs quick results. Even if I'm skipping a wash, I still need my hair to look like it has put in the effort. That's when the Batiste Dry Shampoo comes to my rescue. As its name rightly suggests, the dry shampoo refreshes my scalp instantly and sucks the grease right off it. The classic fragrance is clean and soapy and cuts out any staleness with ease. Definitely serving as a shortcut to my hair routine, it leaves my hair feeling clean without any spent on it.

Photography: Raynor Pereira // Design: Leo Alemao


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