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I'm unsure if this is good thing or not, but I get smitten far too easily for my own good. It happened when I spotted a transparent pouch that I saw potential within. Then there was the time that I just had to own a gold speckled cable-knit sweater after skulking around the store numerous times. Over the years, I've given my heart away to many, many things which also includes pepperoni pizza and my favorite movie. Of late, it has been something else. As the beauty editor of BeBeautiful and the blogger behind this phenomenal blog, I find myself constantly surrounded by lipsticks, eyeliners and other pretty things. Whether it be brand ambassadors being interviewed or the latest foundation launch being attended, there's no wonder that I've found myself besotted about beauty.

So when it comes to my own routine, there are so many products which I've purchased, used and come to love. Being a beauty gal at heart, I'm dedicating this Valentines day, not to my dream boat but to my favorite beauty products that have stolen my heart. They are ones that I have picked, often lived in and have been the apples of my eye since we first met.

On my lips

Review of my favorite makeup products and beauty products of which the NYX soft matte lip cream in Milan and MAC Viva Glam VI are my favorite lipsticks

While lips are my secondary area of choice, it's nice to have a couple of good shades that you can depend on to match any kind of eye look. The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream is one of them The shade is a bright, cool toned pink that verges on neon while the formula is creamy that sets to a powdery matte. The only word that I think off for this shade is 'bombshell' since it's so dazzlingly sexy - something that lends a power packed pink punch to any look.

When you loved smokey eyes as much as I do, you know the importance of a good nude lipstick to accompany it. While I've often come close to finding my perfect nude, none were quite there until I met the MAC Viva Glam VI. While complementing my wheat-ish skin tone magnificently, its shimmer finish adds more depth to its colour payoff. That's the best part because, unlike most other beige toned that make me look lip-less, this doesn't. Thank you very much, MAC because I certainly loved my lips!

On my hair

Review of my favorite makeup products and beauty products of which the BedHead by TIGI Control Freak hair serum and L'Oreal Elnett Satin hair spray are my favorite hairstyling and hair care products

When I went for a bob last year, there were so many new changes that I had to account for. I couldn't rely on hurriedly tying a bun when I was in a hurry or a fishtail braid when I was going easy chic. The BedHead by TIGI Control Freak serum was a definitive step in the right direction. It can be applied on both, wet and dry hair and just a tiny squirt of the sparkling green gel calms my hair down drastically. It is the right companion for my hair while curling or just air-drying so that I have smoother, frizz-free hair on the other side.

After seeing the L'Oreal Elnett Satin hairspray backstage at a number of fashion weeks and magazine shoots, I figured that it must be good since so many renowned hairstylists preferred it. And they were right! Possibly one of the best buys I've made in the hair styling department, the Elnett Satin is a fantastic finishing spray for any hairstyle whether it's straight, silken tresses or beachy waves. The setting power of the product is long lasting and so natural that you won't feel any stiffness weighing down your locks. A spritz of this on your next updo and you'll never have to fear a strong breeze again!

On my nails

Review of my favorite makeup products and beauty products of which the Maybelline Color Show nail polish range of sand, glitter and top coat is my favorite nail varnish collection

My rack of nail polish is creaking with the weight of bottles and for that, I credit the Maybelline Color Show range. They are so addictive that I can barely resist picking up a few bottle even if I'm shopping for groceries! I've praised the fabulous nail polish before as well so my adoration for this product is pretty clear. The shades are varied and so are their finishes with sand textures, glitter and top coats at a value for money price. No one does a trend-setting product quite like Maybelline does and I'm so grateful for that.

For my face

Review of my favorite makeup products and beauty products of which the Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel and Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder are my favorite skin care and makeup products

After being introduced to the green tube at the launch itself, the Vichy Normaderm face wash sat on my dresser patiently, waiting to be used. One particularly greasy day, I reached out to it for a quick cleanse and that changed everything. Its mild citrus fragrance and green tinted clear gel lathers easily and doesn't irritate sensitive, acne prone skin like mine. What I especially like is how it reaches into your pores to banish oil, dirt and impurities and leaves a gently cleansed, happy face.

Revlon did good when they their range Nearly Naked because, based on how feather light it feels on my skin, I couldn't have summed it up better. The pressed powder lends a semi-matte finish to the face and once dusted on, it hardly even feels like you're wearing anything. The shades are ideal for Indian skin tones especially as you don't end up with that dreadful white cast. For a final touch to a natural makeup look, this one's a keeper!

On my eyes

Review of my favorite makeup products and beauty products of which the Benefit Bad Gal Blue and Faces Glam On Perfect Noir Eyeliner are my favorite eye makeup products

I admit that I love emphasizing my peepers over any other of my features. So often enough, my experimentation leads to some trial and error as well as some champions. The Benefit Bad Gal Blue mascara is one of those medal winners. I was initially apprehensive about trying a coloured mascara on my lashes for the fear of looking like I walked out of a editorial shoot, but this changed my notion. Although the blue seems intense, is muted and pleasant. The formula is creamy and applies well with the thick spoolie brush to give a muted pop to a fun look.

The first time I wore the Faces Glam On Perfect Noir eyeliner, I was caught in a sudden downpour. When I finally managed to check myself in a mirror, I mentally expecting smudged raccoon eyes but what I saw was the complete opposite. My eyeliner looked pristine. And that wasn't all because through greasy eyelids, sweaty days and sudden rains, it stayed unfazed. The liquid formula of the eyeliner dries to a glossy finish and shows up as a jet black. While the felt tip takes a little practice, once you nail it, you've got winner that is worth being on your holy grail.


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