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While it may get more over-hyped each time around, there's something so exciting about a new year. Just like my enchantment for beginnings, I'm a happy clam when the 1st of January rolls around. Remember what it felt like to write on the first page of a new notebook? Or when your car still had that delightful 'new car' smell? That's what the start of the year feels like to me. While savouring the novelty of the new year, penning down a resolution or two is not beyond me. Of course, I struggle to keep them alive shortly after but that doesn't make the process any less exciting.

My resolutions have always hovered around exercise and sleep (or the lack of them) but I knew that in 2017, I wanted to try for more than just squats and 8 hours of snooze time. As a beauty editor during the day and a blogger by night, reviewing lipsticks and researching hormonal functions have become second nature to me. So while walking fiercely into the year, I've decided to dedicate a few of my resolutions solely to that of make-up, hair and what I hope for my beauty routine in the next 365 days ahead.

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Find my right fit

A good make-up routine is akin to pair of blue denims. One size doesn't fit all, it needs numerous trial room visits and the reliable ol' staples are always there when you need a back-up option. Apart from my dual jobs, I'm also a beauty enthusiast, which means I'm always trying new and sometimes not so exciting things. As I work my way through new launches; in 2017, I'd like to find my beauty footing. Like a good pair of skinny jeans, I'd like to add to my collection of reliable bottles that fit my skin type which I can bank upon.

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Gorgeous, inside and out

I've learned more and more through the years that even the fanciest brushes and luxury creams cannot do for your face what a good heart can. As cliched as it may be, I'm a big believer in your body reflecting what's on the inside. So if you are a genuinely good person who is happy, kind and positive - it will show instantly. Apart from just its beauty implications, the world definitely needs more people like that. So this year, keeping my heart and soul open for new experiences is at the top of my list.

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 Care comes first

Maybe its because of an exceptionally busy week, back-to-back occasions or even just laziness, sometimes I forget to give my hair its due nourishment. No, I'm not talking shampooing and conditioning which makes its appearance every night - it is hot oiling, clarifying my scalp and applying a hair mask that I'm on about. After the cycle of styling and sun exposure, I can feel my hair parched and craving a long sip of hydration. To finally put hair care before hair styling, my 2017 is going to see my tresses getting much more nourishment.

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Leaving black behind

The first make-up technique I learned during my school days was applying kajal to my lash line for a smouldering eye make-up look. While I've grown into cat eyes and fluttery lashes since then, I've always turned to jet black for just about any look. This year, I plan to change that by finally dipping into the blues, coppers and emeralds which lie within my dresser. While so many coloured shadows and liner have remained nothing more than props, this year I'm going to wean myself off black and pick up the champagne toned eye pencil instead.

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Skincare > Make-up

In the quest for a flawlessly made-up face, there's more collateral damage than I'd like to admit. This translates to a heap of unsuitable foundations and concealers in the wrong shade that lie in beauty purgatory somewhere on my dresser. It was during this journey I learned that if you've got good skin to begin with, facial make-up serves merely as an enhancer and not a base. While I've had issues with my skin (a story which I'll save for another day), I've begun hammering them out and putting skin care at the top of my list of beauty priorities.


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