Life | Summer '17 snapshots

As I write this, the first showers of rain are pitter-pattering against my window. Although it's just like a scene out of a novel, it also means one thing—the end of summer is nigh. While we've still got a couple of weeks until it's officially the monsoon and our rain boots are out in full form, it's probably time to bid the scorching summer goodbye. I definitely won't miss dealing with summer skin and getting drenched in sweat but there are a few things that I will, for certain. Mangoes as a dessert staple and summer beach days are just a few of them. To know what the rest of them are, take a look at what I've been doing, where I've been going and what I've been eating this season.

Image of pink and white flowers with green leaves in an indoor garden plant
A surprise set of pretty pink blooms made an appearance in the garden this season. They took their time but were certainly worth it!

Image of pork belly ramen with eggs with a cocktail in a wine glass on a wooden table
Indulging in a delectable bowl of pork belly ramen with (my favourite!) a runny egg. Don't miss my gin cocktail which had a chili in it!

Image of white sand at the seaside surrounded by sunshine at the beach during the day
If there was ever a picture to depict my mental happy place, this would be it—sandy, full of sunshine and besides the sea!

Image of a grey coloured stray cat with green eyes and black stripes seated on mud
This little lady gave a whole new meaning to the words 'curious cat'. Besides having lovely eyes, she definitely wasn't shy!

Image of a juicy mango fruit cut into cubes in white floral cutlery on a wooden background
Ripened mango flesh that's glistening with juice and beaming with vibrance. Need I say more?

Image of a quiet road surrounded by tall coconut palm trees, fields and blue sky in a small town
A scene from my secluded cycling route back home. Every time I now see it, I wish I could have another of those sunny morning bike rides.

Image of a McCafe Classic Iced Coffee filled with cream, ice, milk and coffee in a plastic takeaway cup on a white background
The antidote to every ferocious summer day is a classic iced coffee. One of my favourite beverages for summer and every other season!
Image of meat sausages being barbecued over an open flame on skewers in a clay oven
A beautiful Sunday afternoon spent barbecuing in the backyard. Smokey air and delicious food is exactly what summer days are made of!

Screenshot of tv show big little lies' theme song before the tv show began as I binged on it during summer
Followed quite a few tv shows over the summer. Somehow murder and deceit were a running theme through them all with 'Big Little Lies' being one of my top recommendations.

Flat lay image of a chicken burger along with potato french fries and a glass of coke on a wooden table
In a gluten-free, organic world, I'm the kind of girl who enjoys a juicy chicken burger with a side of French fries
Image of ripples in the water on a bed of sand with sea shells with sunshine reflecting in the sea
I'm a complete beach baby at heart so just the sight of ripples, shells and sand is enough to pull my heartstrings

With a bunch of amazing memories made during my favourite season, it's safe to say that it was a summer well spent.


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