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So dolls, I'm back with a take on how my life has beenlately. I've left off with this Snapshots series so long ago that my memory fails me exactly to when. That's when  decided that it was always a perfect time to pick up where I left off. The past month has been eventful to say the least. From delectable desserts to gorgeous fashion, enjoyable work and blissful nature; it's been a wonderful wave of activity so let's take a look!

Drops of sunshine in a field of green on holiday last month

Getting some shade during the skin-scorching Mumbai summer

A food porn picture to tantalize your taste buds at this point of the day

Work and play, all rolled into one

I got the entire galaxy on my pants, you guys!

I watched the FIFA World Cup, not entirely for the football though *Ahem*

I painted my nails red post a pedicure because it seems like I know no colour besides it

The rains finally arrived in the city. I was so thankful the heat subsided and cried as well that it was flooding #MixedEmotions

Puma knows how to add humour along with their clothes. At least I know what to wear for some light gardening!

This stunner joined my closet and was graciously sent by the wonderful Lavie team.

What have you been up to lately?



Anonymous said…
Cute! Loved the Puma tags ;)

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