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After my rant on whether the monsoon will ever arrive in the city, they finally did! While I am thrilled to bits at settling into the cooler climes with the rains; what I do detest is smudgy mascara & dripping foundation - an unfortunate side-effect of a makeup routine that isn't suited to the season.
I've recently been introduced to a variety of new launches from a few cosmetic and grooming brands and after dabbling with them, I've created a beauty tutorial that is understated, simple to whip up within a few minutes and most importantly, it is perfect for the rainy days ahead.

Step #1 - Primp that hair

Using my Braun Satin Hair 3 blow-dryer, I've blow dried my hair to reduce the frizz that occurs in the monsoon season as well as to get smooth hair

Every monsoon, I've noticed that my hair tends to become frizzy and lifeless during the season. While heat styling tools are best avoided, my next best option is blow-drying. Since chopping my hair into a bob during the summer, I've found myself relying much more on blow-dryers. Once I started using Braun's Satin Hair 3 blow-dryer, it only further affirms my faith. For the look, I've blow-dried my hair naturally with a styling brush while keeping my waves in place and my fringe pinned back.

The highlight of the Satin Hair 3 is how drastically it eliminates frizz and how smooth my hair feels after it, because of its ionic properties. This pint-sized blow-dryer definitely packs a punch much greater than its size. It comes with a detachable nozzle for precise drying and 3 settings to adjust the temperature and air flow. Here's the kicker - it folds magically into half of its already tiny size which makes it portable to travel with.

Price: Rs. 3,200/-

The Braun Satin Hair 3 blow-dryer comes with a detachable nozzle, has a 3 speed panel for temperature and air flow adjustment and is foldable in order to be portable to carry while travelling

Step #2 - All about the base

Using my L'Oreal Paris Infallible Stay Fresh 24 HR foundation, I've pumped a small amount of it on my wrist and apply it on my face with a Real Techniques brush for an even finish

Once I've cleansed and moisturised my face, I move on to foundation. I've previously spoken about my fondness for products that go beyond their description and maximize their utility. The L'Oreal Stay Fresh 24 HR foundation from their Infallible range does just that.

The L'Oreal Paris Infallible Stay Fresh 24 HR liquid foundation comes in a thick glass bottle with a plastic cap and has a creamy texture and thick liquid consistency

The thick glass bottle comes equipped with a sturdy plastic pump that dispenses the foundation easily. The creamy liquid allows for easy application of the foundation and the formula is opaque enough to provide full coverage, if layered on. While I use a foundation brush for my routine, usage of clean fingertips is good enough to blend in the creamy liquid. Just like their recent Cannes 2015 launch, the highlight of L'Oreal's Stay Fresh 24 HR foundation comes down to its matte finish which makes the skin feel nourished throughout. What makes it perfect for the monsoons is the fact that it is waterproof. Even while stepping out in the rains, I faced no smudging and was thrilled that my base was intact.

Price: Rs. 1325/-

Using my L'Oreal Paris Infallible Stay Fresh 24 HR foundation, I've pumped a small amount of it on my wrist and apply it on my face an even finish and full coverage

Step #3 - Seal it in

 Using my L'Oreal Paris Infallible Stay Fresh 24 HR powder foundation, I apply it on my face matte finish, even texture and sheer coverage

The best way to protect a good base is by sealing it in with a powder. With oily skin like mine, I stick to powders that promise a matte finish. A pleasant companion to the liquid foundation that I'm using is the L'Oreal 24 HR Powder Foundation from the Infallible range.

The L'Oreal Paris Infallible Stay Fresh 24 HR powder foundation comes in a sturdy plastic case with a transparent top and a second compartment beneath the pressed powder for a sponge and mirror

The second you spot L'Oreal's 24 HR Powder Foundation, you'll notice that there's something unique about it. That's because of the additional compartment beneath the powder, which is for a sponge and mirror.
I use a buffing brush to blend the powder thoroughly into my skin so that gives me a natural finish. The powder sets my base pleasantly and it gives me the matte finish I long for, at least for a couple of hours. When wore on bare skin, it still manages to provide a sheer layer of coverage. While you may need a touch-up if you wear it at a long stretch, that's exactly what the additional compartment was made for. The thoughtful concept and stellar packaging make this product a winner!

Price: Rs.1250/-

Using my L'Oreal Paris Infallible Stay Fresh 24 HR powder foundation, I apply it on my face matte finish, even texture and sheer coverage

Step #4 - Add in some colour

Using The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Velvet Stick, I apply it on my lips for a tint of colour and sheer pigmentation

Being a makeup look that is likened to 'no-makeup', I needed to add colour that would give me just a flush and a sheer tint. Any old lipstick wouldn't fit the bill and that's when The Body Shop's Lip & Cheek Velvet Stain came to my notice.

The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Velvet Stick comes packaged as a retractable crayon in a coral pink colour, gives a a stain of colour to the face

Encased in a retractable crayon, the color payoff of the Velvet Stain is as 'au-natural' as possible. The highlight of the product is its dual usage on both, lips and cheeks. When applied directly to my lips, my bright poppy shade transformed into a pinkish coral tint. For my cheeks, I've applied the product onto my clean fingertips and proceeded to blend it into the apples of my cheeks.
The pigmentation of The Body Shop's Velvet Stain is just sheer enough to cheat your way to rosy cheeks. Once applied, the creamy texture of the product blends easily into the skin, lending a tint of colour while giving a natural finish.

Price: Rs.995/-

Using The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Velvet Stick, I apply it on my lips for a tint of colour and sheer pigmentation

Step #5 - Lash it out

Using the Faces Glam On mascara, I've applied it on my eyelashes for fullness and volume

I've only come to learn of how crucial mascara is to me, much after I got acquainted with makeup. While it used to be just a product that darkened my lashes, it has come to be the one that opens up my eyes and uplifts my look to an extent that I can skip most other eye products.
The Faces Glam On mascara is one that makes me feel like that. After using an eyelash curler, I apply a layer of of my mascara and if I'm feeling adventurous, a second layer. The way it volumizes my lashes is magnificent as the difference in fullness can be seen for itself. While it is water resistant, exposure to water when you're wearing it is avoidable. The conical shaped brush separates each lash and gives the eyes so much definition.

Price: Rs. 449/-

 Step #6 - Finishing touches

I've filled in my brows with a brow pencil for fullness and definition in the area and have lined my waterline with a nude pencil for a fresh, open eyed doe like look

To add my finishing touches to the look, I'm adding more definition to complete my eyes. While I have relatively full brows, I merely dot on a dark brown shade of eyebrow pencil on bare spots and blend it in with a smudger brush. When it comes to brows, take note that they're meant to look natural and unlike they've been drawn in with crayons so a little goes a long way.
Being a minimal look, I'm giving my eyes a fresh, 'slept-for-10-hours' kind of feel. To do that, I've used a shimmery champagne crayon which is from the ScandalEyes range by Rimmel which you might know, I adore. I recommend a skin-tone, nude shade for this step as using white veers towards looking unnatural.

The final no-makeup tutorial for the monsoon season is understated and minimal with a little colour and a burst of freshness

Photography: Raynor Pereira / Style File

And there you have it - the final look! The products used are suited perfectly for the monsoon season ahead and will prevent any runny makeup. I enjoyed creating the look which fits my generally minimal tastes well and can be worn well in a formal environment or on days when you want to take it easy. While it does cheat on the 'no-makeup' part, it certainly passes for it and is a look that is fresh and natural.

Hope you liked it!


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