Life | Monsoon of 2015 Snapshots

While I've never been the monsoon's greatest fan, I do make an exception on select occasions *read: days spent indoors watching it pour outside* I love the eternal never-ending summer vibe but when howling winds and gloomy skies came calling in June, I decided to take the necessity that is the monsoon in my stride and not only get set for the rains, but dress for it as well.
So I sat there and prepared for it like I did in the previous years however, after a month and a half of wondering where the monsoons really are, what we've got are a few flash floods and tragically humid days spent trying to deal with it. 

Windows with raindrops and streaks of water to see foggy headlights on a long drive in the monsoons
Blurry headlights on a wet monsoon drive

Dayle Pereia, blogger at Style File dressed in a floral bodycon dress and burgundy accessories attends the Levis press day for the launch of the denim collection for women
Recording a video at the launch of the new Levis collection for women. I've got my hands on a wonderful pair of Levis 711, which hits stores at the end of July - make sure you check out the range of denims that fit like a glove! 

a basket full of grain drizzled loaves of bread freshly out of the oven in a checkered napkin for a weekend breakfast
There's nothing like waking up on the weekend to a basket full of loaves of bread that are freshly pulled out of the oven

Dayle Pereira, blogger at Style File spends her movie night with Hollywood flick Dallas Buyers Club and a tub of butter popcorn
Kicking back on movie night with Dallas Buyers Club & a tub of buttered popcorn

Childhood photograph of Dayle Pereira, blogger at Style File as a baby with he father and brother
Sharing daddy dearest's arms with Ray

Dayle Pereira, blogger at Style File takes a car mirror selfie of he reflective sunglasses and raindrops in the car
Pretending it's still summer with my reflective aviators and rainy day drives

Humid summer afternoon with a mason jar filled with rose water and chia seeds as a beverage
Beating the heat on humid afternoons with a whole lot of rose water and chia

Dayle Pereira, blogger at Style File takes a car selfie wearing plaid, a cap and kohl rimmed eyes
You can't get me, hot sunny days

The first of the monsoon rains in Mumbai with raindrops in the concrete jungle
Hello there monsoons

A rainy afternoon lunch with bight plates and a bowl of tom yum thai pan asian soup with egg, seafood and ramen noodles
Spending a rainy day indoors with a bowl full of tom yum seafood and ramen soup
So while I'm a summer lover at heart, a little part of me is hoping for the rains to come in full swing so I can spend many more days in, watching it rain with a bowl of steaming hot soup.



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