Life | Summer of 2015 Snapshots

Summer incites a number of mixed emotions within me. On one hand, the weather is perfect for a dip in the ocean. On the other, you have to brave the heat and wipe your forehead multiple times to even reach the ocean. So with the sweltering season currently upon us; I'm making it a point to wander out only when push comes to shove and on other days, my mind does the wandering for me and takes me away to chilled cocktails, beach holidays and basically anything that takes my mind of the heat.
Not doubt it's a tough task but hey, I'm not complaining.

Mezze platter of hummus and pita break and watermelon and feta cheese salad with a spiced guava cocktail my beige duffel handbag for a summer lunch
Nothing like summer lunching with light mezze platters, spiced cocktails & fresh salad

Dayle Pereira of Style File India waters the garden plants in the orchard with a spray wearing a crop top and floppy hat
Don't forget that the orchard trees need water just as much as you do - which I make sure to get dressed up for!

Celebrating a birthday by baking a tower of salted caramel cupcakes decorated with lit candles at midnight
When birthday cakes are done to death, we do a birthday tower of salted caramel cupcake

Dayle Pereira of Style File India sits with her feet in the frame wearing gold sandals and pink nail polish on a cliff overlooking a coconut palm tree dotted terrain near the ocean
Just kicking back on the edge of a cliff overlooking a palm dotted ocean. No biggie.

Summer picnic with a bouquet of african daisy flowers, a red velvet layered cake jar, Rayban sunglasses and Studio Pinwheel beige pebbled duffel handbag
Summer picnics with vibrant flowers, layered cake jars & my fantastic new Studio Pinwheel bag to carry it all in. The best part was being able to customize every aspect of the bags creation from inner lining to strap hardware to create a handbag for my needs, just the way I like it. Do check Studio Pinwheel out on Twitter , Instagram & Facebook to get your dream bag! 

Concrete staircase in the midst of a green forest that leads to a mountain top
Stairway to heaven? Or maybe the top of a very high mountain. Sort of the same thing.

Dayle Pereira of Style File India sports a vibrant purple smokey eye makeup look with glossy lips, beach curls and a floral dress
Complimenting my spring blooms with a vibrant purple eye and glossy lips [Complete look here]

Dayle Pereira of Style File India shoots her Esprit cat eye framed sunglasses from Specs Appeal in a field of green leaves
Keeping my peepers safe from the sun are these gorgeous Esprit cat eye sunglasses sent by the thoughtful team at Specs Appeal. Head there and hike up your specs appeal this summer! 
Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhri and model Caron Gracias play showstopper in traditional Indian ethnic wear for Suneet Verma at Lakme Fashion Week
Nargis Fakhri setting the stage at the recent Lakme Fashion Week [Complete post here]

The perfect fruit for the summer, a mound of pineapples are organised to be sold at the market
Dinner is served!

So I hope you liked this glimpse into how the summer is faring so far. This month is going to be an exciting one on Style File with a number of posts, series and activities lined. Make sure you stay tuned to Style File India for a memorable May!



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