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I'm in a tumultuous relationship - with the weather. When it is pouring cats and dogs, I crave for spring. When I'm heady with the heat, I crave for winter days. And post the year-end festivities, I long for the endless month of May. Another relationship that leaves me longing for more is my summer loving one. That is probably because my summers have always been spent full of nothingness, something I thoroughly enjoy doing. This year I've spent most of it beating the heat with cocktails, cupcakes and cliff hanging, all in style.

Syle blogger Dayle Pereira wears a floral print topshop dress with gold sandals and a straw hat overlooking the water

And while we're talking about summer style, it's imperative to be practical during this time; which calls for a little Liva in our lives. The fabric can be akin to a second skin - it allows your body to breathe, its flowing, light drape moves with your every step and its incredible functionality can take you from dawn to dusk in complete ease.

Assortment of summer perfumes, nail polishes, infused water in a mason jar and sunglasses

Since the dark clouds and gloomy skies are only a few weeks away, I've made it my mission to savor every last drop of the season and do whatever the summer calls me to do. Take a dip in the beach. Relish a mango. Get a pink lip on. Feel the wind in your hair. Eat gola. Go for a midnight drive. I'm going to do every prerequisite that the season calls for and I urge you to do the same. 

Syle blogger Dayle Pereira wears a leopard print tshirt with winged eyeliner, a bow and red lips as she eats an ice-cream cone
Getting my #Sunfie game with an ice-cream and not a care in the world !
And while you're doing all of that; make sure you take a selfie, or better yet, a sunfie. Capture the best of your style, your travels, your delicacies and your fashion on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by using #Sunfie in your posts. Chase the very last days of these sunny days and make them ones to remember. So don't wait a second longer and seize the remainder of the summer by sharing your #Sunfie!

Syle blogger Dayle Pereira wears a floral print topshop dress with metro gold sandals and a forever 21 straw hat overlooking the water

Photography: Raynor Pereira / Style File


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