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Recently, as I'm winding down after a long week, I scroll through a gossipy website when I chance upon Kim Kardashian who looks pristine for a relaxed day out with her Kardashian klan. Her hair is straight and sleek, her outfit is co-ordinated with North and let's not even get into her immaculate contouring job. That's right, for a relaxed day out.

On the following weekend, I'm dressing up (or should I say dressing down?) for a day out of hitting the mall and later watching a movie. I'm sticking to my favorites, which is generally a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. If I'm feeling adventurous, I'll throw in a bracelet or two, maybe a snap back cap. Unlike Kim, my relaxed day out does not include contouring of any kind and my bed head hair is left open and hopefully, effortlessly chic.

Kim Kardashian wears a white gown coordinates with daughter North West wearing a flower crown and Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian in all white fashion for an Easter church mass service
On staring that the webpage hard enough, I soon begin to contemplate the authenticity of what a relaxed day out means to a celebrity starlet, versus the real life of the everyday girl. I heave a sigh of disbelief with a hint of jealousy, when I spot a perfectly put-together celebrity on a low-key lunch date while here in real life, I debate whether to even change out of my pajamas.

I cannot even begin to calculate the meticulous amount of hours of her reel life the star has to spend seated in front of a mirror while her own personal glam squad makes sure there isn't even a hair out of place. Me? I'm lucky if I manage moisturizer, lip balm and a swipe of eyeliner. Meanwhile back in reel life, she's tottering in sky high heels on the sidewalks, with armed bodyguards on either side. For a day in my real life, I'm trying as efficiently to balance my tote, my phone and bottles as I commute to work in sneakers.

A slice of nutella cheesecake with a layer of chocolate and buttercream frosting on top from Love and Cheesecake

The comparisons between the glamorous life of a celebrity versus the mundane life of me can go on and based on this, there are two conclusions that we can effectively arrive at. For one, although we would like to be, we're not celebrities. I often envision a life-swap which involves me getting ready for the day in the palatial bathroom of Yves Saint Laurent  but since that's not a possibility in the near future, I've come to terms with my beloved vanity dresser. And while we might like to pretend so; we aren't paid millions per Instagram post, have our very own emoji keyboards or form a girl squad with Hollywood's hottest.

Two, the reel life a celebrity leads isn't real life. Social media has us believing that we have an enviable peek into their lives, to the extent that we know who they spent New Year's Eve with and what they ate post their workout. On first glance, while it looks rosy, it requires the rose-tinted glasses to be removed to see that it isn't a complete bed of roses. I certainly wouldn't enjoy a pap-attack every time I step out of my house, even if  it's for a run to the grocery store. And thanks, but I'd rather have my slice of cake whenever I please instead of downing slimming detox tea all day long. The life of a celebrity is wonderful to aspire for and to pin as home decor inspiration on Pinterest but there's a lot more to it that isn't always pleasant.

The personal style of Dayle Pereira who is the blogger at Style File includes an Adidas Originals striped pullover knit, Espirit shorts, Montego Bay Sandals and a Nightmare Before Christmas sling bag for a relaxed day out
Which brings me back to the real lives we lead, which in all their inadequacies, are raw and genuine. While a glam squad isn't going to greet us in the morning, a pimple that's waiting to be concealed will. We won't be strolling into our walk-in closets for a leisurely look at our wardrobe but instead, we will be grabbing the first sweatshirt we can find. But here's the real, hard truth; although the reel life has its fair share of manicured lawns, the grass really is greener on the side of our real lives.

They are filled with doing things as we please, low-levels of drama and as much privacy as we desire. We can take the morning run at the park if we like to or the afternoon produce shopping, just to browse. And maybe, just maybe for a moment there, they want a life-swap to revel in a little grocery shopping, without being noticed. Suddenly, the grass in my backyard has started to look so vibrant.



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