Personal Style | Daily diary: edition 2

Even though dressing up comes naturally to me, there are some days when my mind draws a blank about what to wear. Even if I attempt a terminator-like closet scan, I'm still at a loss. When I worked from home, I could get by in my pajamas and t-shirts. But as a 9 to 5-iver, there are no off days. You may be stressed or depressed but you better show up well-dressed, honey.

I've had a couple of days where I've felt like nothing looks good on me or my closest is threadbare but I've soldiered on. Sometimes it involved dipping into my mom's closet and sometimes it took another coat of lipstick. So if there was a medal for being terribly confused about my choices but still arriving at a great look, I'd win a gold.

Dayle Pereira the blogger of Style File wears a casual chic look of a white lace shirt with peach trousers and tan sandals for a business meeting

I wore this look for a business meeting where I was going for a fresh, summery vibe. A definite win in my books.
Dayle Pereira the blogger at Style File wears a printed dress with a denim jacket , sneakers and tote for the Kala Ghoda Festival in Mumbai
 This outfit was worn at an arts festival where I needed to be on my feet all day but didn't want to compromise on my style.

Dayle Pereira the blogger at Style File wore a white shirt and midi skirt with a necklace under the collar, tote bag and thong sandals to the office
 Just a regular Wednesday at work where I tried to shake things up a bit by dressing like I was an extra on the sets of Downton Abbey.

Dayle Pereira blogger at Style File wore a silk printed dress and thong sandals to a launch party
 This picture was taken on a terrific day when I had spent 8 hours on my feet at a shoot and later dropped in at the launch of Contiki in India.

Dayle Pereira the blogger of Style File wore a cream lace blouse, white distressed jeans and thong sandals to the office
I've evidenced my Bruce Almighty sartorial choices before and this was just another one of those attempts. Also, there was no better time to wear all white than in summer!

So keep those spirits up, ladies - even on those off days!


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