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A few weeks ago, I refreshed my closet by bringing out my ponchos and booties and declared that autumn would be upon us. Unsurprisingly, I was met with a few scoffs and giggles just because, fall as we know it, doesn't really exist in tropical countries like ours. Sure, the leaves change colour and the temperature drops a degree or two but overall, the atmosphere just doesn't cut it.

Image of a collage containing pumpkin pie, a tea cup and a pumpkin to celebrate the season of autumn

I don't know about you but I've previously attempted to nurture those fall feels with mugs of hot chocolate and Halloween bashes however; they only turned out to be a damp squib. I mean, literally damp - I ended up putting the true meaning of sweat in sweaters. But as the season turns this year, I'm not letting that happen. No more longing for cable knit weather and no more reserving fall inspiration for Pinterest. This time around, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve to amp up the autumn spirit, without letting any heat and humidity rain on my parade.

Image of a graveyard with graves and tombstones in daylight surrounded by trees

Plug into a fall playlist
Since Halloween is also celebrated at the turn of autumn, it's no surprise that the season has a dark, slightly spooky vibe to it. For me to truly embrace a mood, a music line-up always does the trick. Tuning into some awesome pre-made playlists (like this or that!) on 8tracks is my simplest solution if I'm on my commute or in an afternoon lull. While I'm the type of person who starts playing carols in November; if you aren't like me, I recommend this slightly spooky soundtrack to make you want to curl up in a cable knit with a hot cuppa.

Image of homemade pumpkin pie placed on a wooden background which is often eaten as dessert for Thanksgiving and in autumn

Have an autumnal bake-off
Even after savouring delicious tarts and sumptuous galettes from all over, there's nothing I adore more than the house being filled with the smell of freshly baked goods. Autumn is associated with all things warm and cosy so imbibe that spirit in your kitchen too! This year, I was finally successful at creating the fall favourite pumpkin pie from scratch, right from the pumpkin purée to the crust. You too can try it for yourself or opt for other heart-warming favourites like apple pie, a pumpkin spice latte or gingerbread.

Image of a lit candle with a flame in the middle of two african daisy flowers

Smell you later
It's interesting to know that our sense of smell is the stronger than any of its other 5 buddies. So there's no better way to set the fall mood than by giving our nostrils a lingering scent of the season. An easy trick to do this is by simply lighting a scented candle or switching on a reed diffuser with the fragrance of cinnamon, pecan, tea, leather or vanilla. The longer route which gives a multifaceted aroma is by burning up a DIY simmer pot. Try these recipes and your house will be smelling like Christmas morning!

Image of women's nails decorated with dark nail polish and glitter nail art for a beauty post

Dig the dark shades
If I'm being honest, I crave navy nails and smoked out eyes all year long. So when fall finally comes along, I don't need any more excuses to break out the bottles - the nail varnish bottles I mean! Switching to a merlot lip, a forest green nail or a Prussian blue liner is what my autumn dreams are made of which means, it's (finally!) no shades barred from my beauty routine during the season.

Image of a gold decorated teacup on a marble surface surrounded by bokeh light effects

Be a snuggle bunny
Now there are two types of autumn movie categories - the first are the classics namely; 'Hocus Pocus', 'It's the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown' and 'When Harry Met Sally'. The second are horror. While I love a good classic flick every once in a while, I'm a horror lover at heart. So cue 'The Amityville Horror', 'The Conjuring' and 'Grave Encounters' for me, please. If you plan on sleeping tonight, don't choose the latter. Now all you need to do is set yourself on movie marathon and curl up with some apple cider while you're at it.

Image of a woman against a brick wall wearing shades of grey with a beanie cap, red lips and a plaid scarf for a fashion outfit post

Be the lord of layers
I know, I know, maximum city isn't quite the place to get woolly but that doesn't mean you cannot layer up entirely. Make the most of light layers and use it to your advantage when a chilly breeze makes its way to you. Those sheer tights, printed scarves and capes can do wonders to get you in the autumn mood while lending your personal style a cosy chic look.

Flatlay image of Apple Iphone 6 mobile phone in a navy blue Kate Spade phone cover with a polar bear on a table

Switch it up
There are so many surfaces you look at everyday which unknowingly, can make all the difference to your outlook. From your desktop screen to your work table, adding an autumnal touch to it can mentally transport you to a colder land in an instant. Change your phone cover to something more fall-centric (granted, this is my permanent cover because I love it and the season so much!) An autumn scented pot-pourri can put you in just the mood. Even just switching your lock screen to an image of fallen leaves can make you feel a little more cosy, even if it's only in your head.

Have a happy fall, folks! So which of these ideas are you trying this season?


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