Favorites from 2013

So dolls, we're barely hours away from a brand new year and the best way to celebrate is to take a peek into the year that was. I've rambled about it in the last Snapshots edition for 2013 but this time, which is the last post on Style File in 2013, I'll be looking back at my favorites during the very eventful year.

Favorite outfit:

                                                                                         Photography: Leo Alemao for Style File

So I just couldn't choose between these two. The first outfit was one that I put together for the pure pleasure of dressing up. In the second one, the red pout and polka dots look so adorable together and the shoot was an absolute blast *as you can see from the picture*

Favorite beauty post: 

2013 is the year that Style File really got into beauty and skincare. I reviewed some new products and assembled some ones on beauty as well and from all of that, this one was my most enjoyable one. As someone who is wading into the beauty waters herself, I know that sometimes it can get tedious to get ready for a night out and putting together makeup stash can make life so much easier.

Favorite snapshots edition:

I introduced the snapshots segment to publish snippets of a day in my life, whether it is on a coffee run, a movie date or a blog event. My favorite amongst them is the monsoon edition because every time I look back at that post, I remember the smell of mud outside during the first rains and cosily drinking tea.

Favorite DIY post:

I've always claimed to be a DIY kinda girl and in 2013, I tried to implement some fun projects which are simple and cheap. My favorite is this DIY essentials post that detailed the stuff that you would generally need in a DIY bag to whip up a quick project.

Favorite Inspiration post:

I love watching celeb style and taking inspiration from their style and the trends they carry so when it came to picking my favorite, the winner was hands-down the Mindy Lahiri post since I binge watch her show like crazy and I relish that trendy, creative style of hers.

So that brings me to the end of this post *and to this year as well!* and I hope you enjoyed it! A few hours early but nevertheless, a happy new year to each one of you lovely people - have a safe, festive day!
See you next year!



Sayantani Saha said…
Happy New Year Dayle! Love both the outfits. They look so comfy! Also, you've made me a Mindy fan!
Mukta Jain said…
I got to know about Mindy from your posts and its delight to see curvy people dressed so nicely !!
Happy New Year !!

This post was so fun! Loved the "snapshot edition" section! Have a Happy New Year =)
Aditi SoSaree said…
This is such a fun post, the polka top is my fav too. U look realy cute.
Happy New Year.

Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you so much everyone :)

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