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While I wouldn't label myself as a rebel, I like having the liberty of making my own choices - be it in my career, my personal style or my relationships. When it comes to fashion , I've often talked about how unspoken rules are always prevalent and while they are set for a reason, it's our job to bend them to our will. Now in life, that's a little trickier to work with.

When I was fresh out of college and making those crucial, life-changing decisions, my budding blog and growing interest in the digital space affirmed the fact that my career would be far from a traditional one. After all, having so many passions and interests have made me quite the multidimensional person which I wanted for my life as well. That's when I decided, instead of taking the beaten path, why not make one of my own?
Today, as I lean into the life of innumerable positions and the responsibilities that come with it; I'm glad that I chose to break barriers and stereotypes to carve a niche for myself while making my own trail with its own set of rules.

Brand ambassador of the brand Wrogn, cricketer Virat Kohli hosts the Wrogn auditions where 1 lucky winner could win a trip to Las Vegas
And that's just what Wrogn speaks about. With its purposeful typo and the charming Virat Kohli as its ambassador, the men's apparel brand, with its trendy styles and relaxed vibe is a young-ling in the industry that is growing at a rapid pace. Encouraging us to think abundantly, decide freely and live wildly, the brand not only has a line of clothing that's fit to deck you to the nines but, they also have an exciting ongoing contest!

The moment you are led to the contest page, it is almost as if you are transported to a parallel dimension. A jumbled maze, a hazy screen and a vague mannequin brought a chill down my spine. While the prospect of the contests starts with a seemingly simple set of 10 questions, once you get deeper into it, you will realize that appearances truly are deceiving. The visual as well as the sound effects add an air of apprehension, until a suave Virat arrives on the screen, looks you straight in the eye and bowls question after question at you, which you might have to think a little more twisted for.

But before I reveal a little too much about the contest, I think you should try it for yourself. Enter the Wrogn Auditions & once you go through all of the stages - you might just be the lucky winner of the jackpot! And what is that jackpot, you ask? One lucky winner will have the chance to go to Las Vegas along with 3 of his/her friends for an experience that comes just once in a lifetime!

Brand ambassador of the brand Wrogn, cricketer Virat Kohli hosts the Wrogn auditions where 1 lucky winner could win a trip to Las Vegas

Need any more reason to join in the contest yet? Hurry & join in right away!


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