Inspiration: Matt Preston of 'Masterchef Australia'

They say you find inspiration in the unlikeliest of places. While some find that the sky dotted with clouds or graffiti strewn walls speak to them, I've found a recent source of inspiration in Masterchef Australia. Wait, what? Well, its true. While I have been previously inspired by celebrities and even comic books, being TV show obsessed has led naturally to being inspired by fictional TV show characters from the Upper East darling Serena Van Der Woodsen to hilarious OBGYN Mindy Lahiri as well. After spending years of being glued to Masterchef Australia; my favorite of the entire Masterchef franchise; when the new season premiered recently, not only were my taste-buds salivating but my style sense was tingling as well.
Even after so many seasons, I've never managed to pick my favorite judge mainly because George, Matt and Gary are all so expertly skilled, warm and easy to love. From a style perspective, the trio are impeccably groomed and suavely dressed - the most unique of them being Mr. Matt Preston. Preston dons many a hat (and all very stylishly!) as a restaurant critic, author, editor, columnist and television personality. As part of the judging panel on Masterchef Australia, Matt's style has been greatly flamboyant and grand, while staying unique and refined all through the seasons.
I've been keeping a keen eye on his sartorial choices and here's a breakdown on his looks, the trends playing in his closet and what we can learn from them.

Colours abound

Matt Preston of Masterchef Australia, Taste and Delicious enjoys bright and pastel colour in his look on the show and his appearences with his suits and trousers and cow print shows

Colour can do so much for an outfit from brightening it up to adding an overall sophistication and no one knows that better than Matt. While he enjoys colour in every variation possible from bright tones to pastel shades, they are most preferred in trouser form which adds such a lively touch to the ensemble.

Print play

Matt Preston of Masterchef Australia, Taste and Delicious wears a variety of prints such as window pane checks, plaid and harlequin on this trousers, bottom wear and suits along with a solid, neutral blazer.

Personally, menswear can be so meh but not with Matt. Just like his colour, he likes prints in plenty, most of which are in the checkered, geometric family from plaid to windowpane to harlequin. Prints are often a staple in his bottom wear and to pull the look together, are accompanied by a neutral, solid blazer.

Cravats and pocket squares

Talk about cravats and Preston is the first to come to mind. What started as an attempt to experiment with his style turned into a constant cravat craving that sees the Masterchef judge donning one along with a pocket square regularly. His neck accessory is also an ingenious source of print mixing as his cravats are often in bright contrasting colours and delicate prints. Matt has now come to be associated with the accessory to such an extent that they now decorate his twitter and instagram handles as well.

Suited up

Matt Preston of Masterchef Australia, Taste and Delicious is groomed in a suit with his own unique flair of cravats, prints, colours, neckerchiefs and pocket squares

No menswear piece can be as dapper as a suit and when Preston wears one, you can be assured that it's going to be resplendent and unique. Often seen in a suit and waistcoat, Matt adds his signature blend of prints, colour and accessories like a cravat, pocket square or tie to create a glorious ensemble that sets him apart. He's also probably into cow prints based on how he adores those shoes.

So Masterchef Australia isn't all about pressure tests and phenomenal cooking, it also has a fashion icon in its midst. Matt, I'm definitely taking a cue from you and wearing the bright bottoms already!



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